Saturday, August 29, 2009

Announcing HILL COUNTRY2: New websites and new HILL COUNTRY HOGS WEBPRESS

You are invited to read Hill Country2 at new sites and in a slightly new format. The new version of Hill Country is called Terry Thornton's Hill Country of Monroe County Mississippi and is accessible through links at HILL COUNTRY H.O.G.S. WEBPRESS. The url for the HC HOGS WebPress is

Click on HC HOGS WebPress to access the latest articles at Hill Country2 or the latest articles at my other blogs. Besides serving as the portal to HC2 and all of my other blogs, the WebPress will also serve as an Index and as a Table of Contents for all my publications.

I look forward to "seeing" you at the HILL COUNTRY H.O.G.S. WEBPRESS and other new sites I'm publishing.

Terry Thornton

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  1. In scanning your site noticed a mention of "The Monroe Journal" Can you tell me when the paper was established and if there are any copies? My grandfather, Alexander Covington Jones wrote for a paper(1890-1910,maybe earlier) and we always thought it was the Tupelo Journal. Have not been able to find any of his writings. Maybe it was Monroe instead.
    He lived in Hamilton and later moved over into Lee County.
    Thanks - Janette J. Hudson.