Monday, August 3, 2009

WELCOME to Terry Thornton's HILL COUNTRY

More than 900 of the articles once posted at this site, HILL COUNTRY OF MONROE COUNTY MISSISSIPPI, are available on CD. If you are interested in acquiring a copy of these articles, email Terry Thornton at

Thanks to everyone who encouraged and nurtured me on my journey into blogging. But all journeys sooner or later come to an end --- and my journey into the blogosphere has ended. My writing, research, and efforts to preserve local and family lore, history, stories, and genealogy, however, will continue and from time to time, additional CDs of my work will be made available through a notice here at HILL COUNTRY.

The first of these CDs will be available soon and presents in CD format 900+ articles selected from HILL COUNTRY, April 2007 through July 2009. The anticipated price for this initial CD is expected to be $12.50 which includes shipping.

Contact me by email if you wish to reserve a copy. Digital copies of individual articles are also available; email for specific details.

Terry Thornton
Fulton, Mississippi

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